Happy new year!

It’s crazy to think another year has passed, and I really haven’t accomplished much hanfic-wise. I would do a full recap, but that would really just be disappointing. So I’ll just point out the one bit of good news that may have passed some of you by unnoticed. I have posted a brand new story, my one and only new one of 2017, titled Fault Line. There are three chapters posted, and more to come very soon.

Here’s hoping for a more productive 2018!

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A long, strange trip…

I’ve been really silent this year, haven’t I? I’ve been caught up in what I call a shame spiral. You know, you make a mistake of some sort, and admitting to it and fixing it is even more shameful somehow than just continuing to do whatever it is you did wrong. I’ve continued to update PTH, but I really have written very, very little fic this year, and I’ll admit, I’ve had moments where I wanted to delete it all and give up.

I’m not doing that. At least, not without one last fight.

Because I haven’t posted a single new fic yet this year, I’m starting a new one for NaNoWriMo. You can find the link over there in the sidebar; click on Fault Line to see the coming soon page and read the summary. I will, if things go as planned, try to get at least one chapter posted before the end of the year.

It’s a weird time to start thinking about a fresh start, when the year is nearly over, but here we are. I hope you’re all willing to bear with me as I try to get back to myself and my fic.

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Progress report!

Okay, I’m a few days late. Is anyone surprised?

And I don’t really have a ton of progress to report on so far this year. At least, it certainly doesn’t feel like a lot…

On the solo front, I have only managed to post two chapters of Our Glory Days. And that’s it. Nothing more. I am, however, currently working on Cherry Lips for Camp NaNo, so there will be new chapters of it at some point in the near future.

On the collab front, Amber and I have managed to post one chapter of Where We Belong and a whopping five chapters of Flesh and Bone. We’ve hit stumbling blocks on both now, but will hopefully be able to add quite a bit to them once we’ve recovered from Camp. So far, we haven’t made any progress on our other collabs, but we do want to finish them both this year.

The most exciting news, however, pertains to the Like Ashes Series. Tara has added one chapter to Brothers’ Keeper, Elizabeth has added several chapters to Weightless, and a brand new author named KT has come on board and begun writing a Zoe fic, titled Rays of Light.

Look for more exciting news after April wraps up and I am hopefully back on track with my solo fics, if not my collab fics, too!

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Goodbye, 2016!

Okay, not quite yet. But very nearly. And I don’t think any of us will be sad to see it go. That said, it hasn’t been that bad of a year for me, fic-wise. Here’s a quick rundown of everything I accomplished this year.

Cherry Lips — Managed to post several chapters. Pleased with how this one is going and how popular it apparently is. I would love to finish it in 2017, but no guarantees.

I Will Try To Fix You — Posted a whopping two chapters of this one. It’s progress, however small.

Kiss and Tell — Done! It always feels good to cross a fic off my list.

Like Ashes Series — Finished my contribution. Elizabeth and Tara have begun writing theirs. Very excited to watch it all weave together.

Our Glory Days — Posted the first few chapters. This one has been and will continue to be very slow to update, but I’m still pleased with the response to it so far.

Pieces Fit Series — Amber and I completed Bled Dry earlier this year, and have posted the first few chapters of the sequel, Flesh and Bone. We have it all very nearly planned out, except for a few scenes, so updates should pick up in the new year.

Truth Is a Whisper — Posted a few extras for the four year anniversary of this one.

Wintry Remix — Wrote three remixes. Two short ones can be found right here, and the third is a short-ish collab with Amber called Ever Present Past that we hope to finish soon.

That… that’s actually a pretty damn productive year. Wow! I’m proud of myself, I have to say. I don’t know yet what I will be writing on 2017, other than more chapters of my WIPs, but I hope it will be a good year, too.

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New story, new layout and more!

It seems I’m running late on everything lately (see: Spotlights). But here’s my progress report on how I’ve been doing since July…

Firstly, you may have noticed that the site looks pretty different. I realized I hadn’t changed the layout for over three years! There’s just no excuse for that. So, new layout! Refresh to cycle through four different headers featuring the boys and several of my original characters.

I have officially finished Kiss and Tell! It took way too long to get through those last few chapters, but I’m so happy to finally have it wrapped up the way I wanted it to be wrapped up. I wish I could say I’ve pushed past my block on Cherry Lips, but unfortunately, I have not. I did, however, finally get Our Glory Days posted. It will be slow going on it, but I’m excited and a little nervous to finally share it.

I also finished A Lesson In Tightropes, my contribution to the Like Ashes Series. Elizabeth has also made a bit of a start on her story for the series, Weightless. I’ve exchanged a few emails with Tara, and it looks like hers will be posted soon, too.

As for my collaborations with Amber, we’ve continued to make great progress on Flesh and Bone and Where We Belong. No progress yet on I Will Try To Fix You, but it’s always on our minds.

I hope to continue working on those collabs this month, as well as finally getting back to work on Cherry Lips. I’ll be working on those plus Our Glory Days for NaNoWriMo next month as well.

Lastly, if you want to get monthly updates delivered right to your inbox, please click here to sign up for my newsletter. You’ll also get updates on the rest of PTH and hanfic news from all around the web. So put your name on the list now!

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Out with the old, in with the new

I know, another post so soon? But I have some big news! I have just posted the first chapter of Our Glory Days, which has been on the backburner since Camp NaNo in April. It’s pretty ambitious and different from my usual stuff, so I hope you all enjoy it.

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That’s right, I have some news! After almost exactly two years (longer if you consider when I started drafting it), Kiss and Tell is 100% finished.

Check back soon for more updates on the Like Ashes Series, too. My fic is almost finished, Elizabeth’s is being posted almost as we speak, and another one is coming very, very soon. So keep an eye out for all of that.

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Still running late….

Suffice it to say, the last three have been crazy. I was lucky enough to make it back to Tulsa in May, but otherwise, it’s just been work, work, work.

I did want to update you guys on my fic progress, but unfortunately there’s not much to say that differs from last time. I have added only a handful of chapters to Cherry Lips and Kiss and Tell. I did get seven chapters written on my April Camp NaNo project, Our Glory Days, but for now it remains on the coming soon page. Editing it is a daunting prospect and I just haven’t managed it yet.

As far as collabs go, Amber and I have not made any progress on ours yet. At least, no progress that you guys can see. I am working hard on Flesh and Bone for Camp this month, and Amber will hopefully be adding a few chapters of her own soon, as well. So hang in there; I think we may be able to share this one in the near future.

Likewise, I’ve been plugging away at editing and posting A Lesson In Tightropes, my portion of the Like Ashes Series. So far, no one else has made it out of the planning and drafting stages, but I think Elizabeth may have a few chapters of her story, Weightless, to share soon.

So…. it’s not much, I know. But I think things at work will have settled down by the next time I update you guys on my progress. And if so, I should finally be able to get back into the swing of fic things… I hope.

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Better late than never?

Well, the beginning of April was so hurried and harried that I completely forgot about my tradition of posting blogs here every three months. So, it’s a week or so late, but here it is, alphabetical by story.

Bled Dry — Finished! We’re holding off on the sequel for now, getting it all plotted out for work during July’s Camp NaNoWriMo session. Plus, we have a few others to work on before then…

Cherry Lips — This one is going slowly, but I’m very happy with how it’s turning out. I’ve posted a few chapters this year and hope to post a few more.

I Will Try To Fix You — We’ve finally posted a few new chapters of this fic, and have only two more planned. This one should be finished in the next few months.

Kiss and Tell — I’ve been very slow with this one, as tends to happen when you get close to the end of a fic and want to be sure you do it justice. I do apologize for that… and to those who were hoping for a different couple to end up together!

Like Ashes Series — So far, I’ve posted a fair bit of my story for this challenge, but I’m editing and posting it slowly while I await some of the other authors. I think we’re all onto something good here, but we’re busy people, so it may be a while before all of it is available to read.

Truth Is A Whisper — Yes, it’s done. But April 5 was the four year anniversary of when we began posting it, so we put a few little extras up on the site in honor of that.

Where We Belong — Two more chapters of this one have been posted and it’s just starting to get interesting. At least, we hope it is, and we hope to post more of it soon, before we devote our attention to Bled Dry’s sequel.

So, what can you expect to see soon? Well, there’s the aforementioned Bled Dry sequel, Flesh and Bone. As I said, Amber and I will be working on it for July’s Camp NaNo session. And this month, I’m working on a fic called Our Glory Days, which you can read more about on the same page I just linked to (the coming soon page). I don’t know when it will be posted to the site, so just stay tuned for that and any other news!

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New year, new fic!

I’ve got some pretty exciting updates to talk about today, if I do say so myself!

First, I’ve added a bunch of new and old oneshots to the site. You’ve probably seen them all elsewhere online, but now they’re all collected here (or on the Extras pages for the fics they’re related to). I’ve also added my first chapter of Kiss and Tell in months upon months.


A Lesson In Tightropes is here! It’s just the prologue for now, but more will be posted soon. I also hope to start posting the other fics in the series (titled Like Ashes) soon, and will post here when I do.

Until then, enjoy these new chapters and oneshots 🙂

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