Still running late….

Suffice it to say, the last three have been crazy. I was lucky enough to make it back to Tulsa in May, but otherwise, it’s just been work, work, work.

I did want to update you guys on my fic progress, but unfortunately there’s not much to say that differs from last time. I have added only a handful of chapters to Cherry Lips and Kiss and Tell. I did get seven chapters written on my April Camp NaNo project, Our Glory Days, but for now it remains on the coming soon page. Editing it is a daunting prospect and I just haven’t managed it yet.

As far as collabs go, Amber and I have not made any progress on ours yet. At least, no progress that you guys can see. I am working hard on Flesh and Bone for Camp this month, and Amber will hopefully be adding a few chapters of her own soon, as well. So hang in there; I think we may be able to share this one in the near future.

Likewise, I’ve been plugging away at editing and posting A Lesson In Tightropes, my portion of the Like Ashes Series. So far, no one else has made it out of the planning and drafting stages, but I think Elizabeth may have a few chapters of her story, Weightless, to share soon.

So…. it’s not much, I know. But I think things at work will have settled down by the next time I update you guys on my progress. And if so, I should finally be able to get back into the swing of fic things… I hope.

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