New story, new layout and more!

It seems I’m running late on everything lately (see: Spotlights). But here’s my progress report on how I’ve been doing since July…

Firstly, you may have noticed that the site looks pretty different. I realized I hadn’t changed the layout for over three years! There’s just no excuse for that. So, new layout! Refresh to cycle through four different headers featuring the boys and several of my original characters.

I have officially finished Kiss and Tell! It took way too long to get through those last few chapters, but I’m so happy to finally have it wrapped up the way I wanted it to be wrapped up. I wish I could say I’ve pushed past my block on Cherry Lips, but unfortunately, I have not. I did, however, finally get Our Glory Days posted. It will be slow going on it, but I’m excited and a little nervous to finally share it.

I also finished A Lesson In Tightropes, my contribution to the Like Ashes Series. Elizabeth has also made a bit of a start on her story for the series, Weightless. I’ve exchanged a few emails with Tara, and it looks like hers will be posted soon, too.

As for my collaborations with Amber, we’ve continued to make great progress on Flesh and Bone and Where We Belong. No progress yet on I Will Try To Fix You, but it’s always on our minds.

I hope to continue working on those collabs this month, as well as finally getting back to work on Cherry Lips. I’ll be working on those plus Our Glory Days for NaNoWriMo next month as well.

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