Long Stories — Coming Soon

Title: Another Mirage
Progress: Partially outlined
Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Warning: Language, alcohol use, sexual content including slash
Summary: Taylor’s almost at the end of his junior year of college, and he feels like he’s been in college forever. It’s not as exciting to be nearly finished as he had hoped — his new job is stressful, his little brother is applying for the same college and he’s starting to wonder how well he actually knows himself.
Other: This is the prequel to Love and Other Socially Acceptable Emotions.


Title: Endless Night
Progress: Partially outlined
Rating: R/NC17
Genre: Drama, Horror, Supernatural
Warning: Language, alcohol use, sexual content including cest
Summary: Estranged from their family, Taylor and Zac are each others’ only friends at times. After a night at the strange club where Zac works, they may be each others’ only ally and protection in the dark world they’ve fallen into, a world where monsters are real.
Other: I’ve wanted to write a long vampire fic for a while, so… here it is.


Title: A Fool’s Hope
Progress: Roughly 75% outlined
Rating: R/NC17
Genre: Drama/Angst, Romance, Erotica
Warning: Language, graphic incestuous content
Summary: Ten years ago, Hanson cracked under pressure from the record company and broke up. Now, Taylor’s getting a divorce and reaching out to the brother he hasn’t spoken to in years. Will Zac learn to trust Taylor again?
Other: Much like Bled Dry, we’re still planning this one, but I think me and Amber will be ready to share it soon.


Title: Latitudes and Satellites
Progress: One chapter written
Rating: PG13/R
Genre: Drama/Angst
Warning: Language and implied incestuous content
Summary: A year after running away from everything, Taylor begins writing letters to Zac in hopes of explaining why he did what he did.
Other: This one came to me very late at night and I wrote the first chapter, unsure what would happen next. I do hope to see it through, though.


Title: Naked Magic
Progress: 7 chapters written
Rating: R/NC17
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Erotica
Warning: Language, alcohol use, sexual content including slash and cest
Summary: After finally making their relationship official, Zac and Taylor find themselves with a new set of obstacles to overcome. Going public with their relationship, changing their living situation and dealing with a boss like Ruby could put any relationship to the test. Will they survive?
Other: This is the sequel to my collab with Lindsay, Loaded God Complex.


Title: Tangled Webs
Progress: One chapter written
Rating: R/NC17
Genre: Drama, Romance
Warning: Language, sexual content including cest
Summary: When Zac’s marriage falls apart, his brother and sister-in-law try to help him cope. Their methods are unorthodox and only serve to complicate the situation more, placing all three of them in a tangled web of deceit and lust.
Other: A spinoff of one of my 30 Days of Smut stories.

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