Welcome to the website for the Sweetest Downfall Series. I’m Bethany, owner of and fiction site Extemporaneous. As the header above says, this site exists to tie all the parts of this series together and provide you with links to the stories as well as information and other extras related to the series. Enjoy πŸ™‚


Series: Zac and Spencer met by chance, and their lives were never the same again.

Cause and Effect: Zac Hanson’s life is falling apart. Spencer Kerr’s life is finally going the way she wants. When the two meet, all that will change.

Cesura: When Hanson goes on tour in the fall of 2010, Zac and Spencer cross paths once again. This encounter leaves them wondering just how much they ever knew about each other.

Interwoven: Spencer accepts a job offer in Tulsa, and it isn’t long before she crosses paths with Zac again. She wants nothing more than to move on with her life, but she doesn’t know how she feels about Zac or who she can trust.

Denouement: A year after moving to Tulsa and getting involved with Zac (again), Spencer still sometimes has doubts. She visits him while he’s on tour to finally get over that last hurdle and conquer her fears, and soon she’s faced with a big question about their future.


I am, obviously, not Hanson and I do not know Hanson. These stories are 100% fictional and are not meant to be taken as fact. It is also not meant to imply anything about the band or their wives and families, or inspire rumors about their personal lives. I do not mean any harm or slander against the band.

Happy fifth anniversary!

I won’t get too sappy, I promise.

Five years ago tomorrow, I posted the very first drabble of something I thought would be a unique, not-quite-romance. The story quickly took on a life of its own, and then became the series it now is. These characters are still such a part of me that even though I have no plans to write another chaptered fic about them, I seemingly can’t stop writing about them.

So to celebrate that fifth anniversary, I wrote five oneshots set at various points in the series, including one that’s an alternate universe version of the whole thing! You can find them all–titled Build You Back To Where You Started, In Love Like This, Lay With Me So It Doesn’t Hurt, Nothing But Truth and Pride and Joy, Et Cetera–on the Extras page.

I hope you enjoy them!

Christmas gifts!

That’s right, I come bearing Christmas gifts. I know a lot of you have asked for another story about Zac and Spencer, but the truth is, I just don’t have any plots for them. Their lives together are nice and calm now. However, I do have a little Christmas gift for you guys. On the Extras page, you’ll find a oneshot called “Home For the Holidays” as well as a few little smutty oneshots I wrote in October. Most of these are set after Denouement so you can see a little bit of a glimpse into their future. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Some new stuff

Okay, just one new thing, really. I posted a soundtrack for the entire series today, which you can find under the “Extras” link up there on the menu. There’s a link to download it, plus artwork and some selected lyrics from the whopping twenty nine tracks. Enjoy πŸ™‚

The end of Interwoven.

It’s here, finally! Almost two years after I began writing it, I’ve not only finished writing, but finished posting Interwoven.

But I couldn’t end the story there! As I approached the end of it, I realized there were still a lot of loose threads. A fourth part was necessary to give Zac, Spencer, me and all of you guys the necessary closure. But I’m still not sure I can let them go! Stay tuned here for some lost chapters, deleted scenes, and other extras.

A lost chapter.

The title sounds a bit ominous, but I promise it’s a good thing!

For Trick or Treat this year, one of my prompts included caffeine addiction, insomnia and a school. I started brainstorming other ideas, but ultimately I knew it had to be a little oneshot in the Sweetest Downfall universe. So I wrote a little bit of a “lost chapter” that fit into Interwoven. You can read it now on the Extras page.

And, of course, don’t forget to visit the page for Interwoven for new chapters every week! I’m already up to chapter seven.


After over a year of writing, I have finally begun to post Interwoven. So the non-functioning links to it now function and will lead you to the prologue and first two chapters. I have a lot of it written, so the updates will come quickly. I hope that you guys enjoy it and that the long wait hasn’t totally put you off the series.


So, this newish layout has been up since the end of October, and I just now realized that I hadn’t fixed the main page up to display the introduction and things. So, here I am, fixing it!

The series as a whole hasn’t been updated since Cesura was posted in February, but I have been writing Interwoven since July. I hope to have it entirely finished before I begin publishing it. I’m somewhere around 1/2 to 2/3 finished, I believe, so it should be a few more months. Hopefully everyone interested in the series will be patient enough to wait around that long! I promise I’ll make it worth your wait.