Another year gone…

Okay, it’s not quite the end of 2015 yet, but I figured I would go ahead and wrap things up, since I don’t see things changing much in the next three days. I do have some new things I’ll be posting early in 2016, though, so check back in a week or so for some of that stuff. For now, here’s where things stand at the end of another year…

I didn’t get a ton written this year, really. At least, it doesn’t feel that way. On my own, I did manage to finish In the Dark, which was a pretty big accomplishment. I had hoped to finish Kiss and Tell, but that didn’t quite pan out. It doesn’t lack much, though, so hopefully it will be done in the next few months.

The only solo story I debuted this year was Cherry Lips, and writing it has been slow going. I did post a chapter a few days ago, so hopefully I can get back to work on it in 2016, but I have to say that finishing Kiss and Tell is more of a priority.

On the collaboration side, I was quite a bit more productive. Amber and I added the first chapter in over a year to I Will Try To Fix You, came very close to finishing Bled Dry and posted the first few chapters of a new story called Where We Belong. But the biggest accomplishment we made, by far, was finally finishing Truth is a Whisper.

So, what does 2016 hold for me and my hanfic? Well, all the stories listed above that didn’t get finished in 2015 will hopefully be finished in 2016. Some of those will be easier said than done, but I’ll constantly be working toward that goal even if I don’t achieve it. I will also be posting A Lesson in Tightropes soon, so check back for that and some other little updates (such as adding all of my Christmas oneshots to the site) in the next week or two. Also, that link will take you to the Coming Soon page, where you might notice a new story on the list that I hope to write and publish in 2016.

Mainly, I hope to have a more productive 2016 and cross a lot of things off my to do list that have been on there, languishing, for far too long. I like always having things to work on, but some things have taken far too long to finish, and I do apologize for that. But 2016 will be better; I can already feel it.

Check back soon for even more substantial updates!

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