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Here it is!

June 7th, 2013

Yes, here it is! The fourth and final part of the series. Nothing terribly exciting, plot-wise, happens here, but it seemed important to finally give the story some real resolution. Enjoy :)


May 1st, 2013

Welcome to the website for Denouement, the fourth and final story in my Sweetest Downfall Series. I’m Bethany, owner of PlaceToHide.net and fiction site Extemporaneous. Please leave your feedback in the guestbook!



A year after moving to Tulsa and getting involved with Zac (again), Spencer still sometimes has doubts. She visits him while he’s on tour to finally get over that last hurdle and conquer her fears, and soon she’s faced with a big question about their future.



I am, obviously, not Hanson and I do not know Hanson. This story is 100% fictional and is not meant to be taken as fact. It is also not meant to imply anything about the band or their wives and families, or inspire rumors about their personal lives. I do not mean any harm or slander against the band by writing this story. It’s all in good, angsty fun.